I am Despi O’Connor, and I am standing as the Independent candidate for the seat of Flinders at the 2022 Federal Election.

I am a long term Peninsula resident, a teacher and I have been very active in local sporting clubs for many years. I am also a shire councillor and have recently finished my stint as Shire Mayor.

I am standing on four core values: Respect, Integrity, Opportunity and Consultation. I am standing because the people of Flinders need their concerns heard and represented in Canberra.


  • The strength of any democracy is eroded by corruption and a lack of accountability; and this is what we’re seeing play out in our Federal parliament.
  • Without a Federal integrity body with teeth, the lies, rorts and coverups will continue to overshadow debates and discussions of national importance.


  • The pandemic has seen worsening inequality in our workplaces and households, as well as increased reports of violence against women on the Peninsula. 
  • The Jenkins Report reaffirms the urgent need to radically invest in system change to ensure our residents are free and supported to be their best version.

Climate action

  • We’re in the early stages of a climate crisis; if we don’t act we can anticipate worsening storms and risk further deterioration of the Peninsula’s fragile ecosystems.
  • Australia is being left behind on climate action; and we risk missing out on continuing prosperity for our local tourism and agricultural businesses.


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