I grew up up in Doncaster with my parents and 3 siblings. We spent many weekends as a young child at my grandparents’ dairy farm helping out and spending time outside, riding horses, baling hay, attending chickens, calves and vege gardens, riding motor bikes and milking cows. It was certainly a place that built my resilience.

Mum and Dad grew their own small business out of nothing. They were hard workers, but also incredibly generous with their time and support for our school and sporting communities. They were always involved, and so it was only natural that their children would grow to be the same. Hard working and involved with their communities. 

Early volunteering at school to coach, referee and just help out anywhere I could became my norm. I took on leadership roles at primary and secondary school and in my sporting clubs, even helping to start up a ski club at university. As I grew this shifted into my employment and further community work and a start up basketball coaching business, teaching players and would be coaches key parts of the game.

As we moved into parenthood, I returned to education and realised that volunteering was also about connecting. I was able to engage with new communities quickly through volunteerism. Dog clubs, mother’s groups, kindergartens, schools, lifesaving, basketball, running clubs, environmental groups. The step to councillor and then Mayor was really a natural progression and one I wanted to make to give my community a voice.


I have seen through the years that I am able to make a difference in the many communities that I have engaged with. 

And from these interactions with the community I have seen that there is a real desire for change. You want to know that the person who is representing you in Canberra holds their promise. Has integrity. I have always ensured that my decisions are made after careful consideration, and with the greater good in mind.

To ensure a better future, put me at the starting line. I am ready. I will fight for the people of Flinders. I will never give up. There is much at stake. Let me change the climate in Canberra.