How will you finance your campaign?

We are generating funds from across the community. Many smaller donations are going to help get Despi to Canberra. We will not be accepting foreign donations or donations from the mining or the fossil fuel industries. Yes it is going to be tough to compete with the major parties and that’s why we need you!

Where will your support come from?

Despi is already well connected to the community through her extensive network; lifesaving, education, basketball, running and friends group. She was also an extremely active mayor travelling extensively across the peninsula. She continues to reach out to community groups building strong relationships so she can listen and learn from her community.

Could an independent really win?

Yes! It has been done before. We don’t need a two party system. It is not even in our constitution. What we do need is voices at the table who can listen, collaborate and find the best way forward. Despi’s work in the community shows that she has the skills to do this work. She has always fought for her community and she will continue to do so. She can be our Independent member!