As an independent, every stance is a stance for my community. I don’t stand for a political party; I stand for people.

I’ve spent years listening to the needs of our communities, from my work with local sports clubs, charities, community organisations and schools to overseeing the region’s first deliberative Community Panel. You’ve told me what kind of society you want to build. And I’ve heard you.

I know you want to see Integrity in Canberra. I know that you want real action on Climate Change. And I know you want a more Equal world for yourselves and future generations.

So let’s fight for a better Flinders, and a better society. Together.


The strength of any democracy is eroded by corruption and a lack of accountability; and this is what we’re seeing play out in our Federal parliament. Without a Federal integrity body with teeth; the lies, rorts and coverups will continue to overshadow debates and discussions of national importance.


  • Helen Haines’s (Australian Federal Integrity Commission Bill 2020)  Integrity Commission – Helen Haines MP – Independent Federal Member for Indi
  • Abolishing deliberately false political advertising 
  • Greater transparency and accountability – no more sports rorts!
  • Safe conditions for genuine whistleblowers.
  • The removal of taxpayer funded subsidies for the fossil fuel industries so that renewables are not disadvantaged and can hasten uptake.


The pandemic has seen worsening inequality in our workplaces and households, as well as increased reports of violence against women on the Peninsula. The Jenkins Report reaffirms the urgent need to radically invest in system change to ensure our residents are free and supported to be their best version.



  • Full implementation of the Respect@Work report into sexual harrassment and gender safety in the workplace
  • Funding for evidence based programs into the prevention of gender based violence
  • Full implementation of the recommendations of the Aged Care Royal Commission
  • Our First Nations people, and commit to the principles of the Uluru Statement of the Heart – a constitutionally enshrined voice to the parliament, the establishment of the Makarrata Commission that will oversee agreement and treaty-making, and commit to a national process of truth-telling.
  • Our LBGTQIA+ community to ensure they can live their best lives, free from harm. 
  • A more humane policy in regards to our refugees and asylum seekers languishing in immigration detention. 
  • An increase to the Jobseeker payment to ensure all Australians can live with dignity. 
  • Valuing our Care Economy. 


The future of Australia’s economy, security and biodiversity is dependent on strong Climate Leadership.

70% of two way trade is with countries who have committed to net zero by 2050

This means; the markets that have underwritten our prosperity for generations are changing, and they’re doing it quickly. This is the time to embrace a low carbon global economy and lead with strong evidence based policy so that we can ensure economic prosperity for all Australians into the future.

The Indo-Pacific region that Australia belongs to risks displacement of millions of people due to climate change-related extreme weather events, heatwaves, droughts, rising seas and floods. 

This will not only exacerbate the traditional regional security threats but also lead to new threats including food insecurity and humanitarian disasters that will threaten our national capacities, commitments and resilience.


  • Zali Steggall’s  – Climate Change (National Framework for Adaptation and Mitigation) Bill 2020 Climate Act Now
  • Ambitious interim emissions targets that are reflective of scientific evidence.
  • Incentives to accelerate the take up of electric vehicles and provision of required infrastructure.
  • The establishment of community owned renewable energy projects for the Mornington Peninsula because we are entitled to an infinite supply of cheap, clean and locally generated power. Let’s get Flinders off the grid!
  • Supercharge our transition to a zero carbon economy to create jobs and safeguard our kids’ future.