I have never been a member of a political party. I believe that all decisions need to be made with all the facts and all the voices at the table.

After a year in local government I have seen where politics is letting us down. It is time for more independents in Canberra who will vote on conscience unlike party members who are required to vote on party lines. How can the people of Flinders feel represented if their views are not taken into account? Our community in Flinders needs decision makers that listen and take their views to Canberra. I know how to engage with my community. I have been doing it for years and I will take your voice to Canberra. I can represent you at the highest level. Accountable and hard working, I am ready to crash through the next set of barriers. 

Our country needs leaders who will make decisions for the greater good. Decisions that are kind and inclusive. Decisions that matter for all of us and our planet. Decisions that aren’t influenced by Party priorities, but by your priorities. 

As a member I will have the opportunity to use the parliamentary practice called the Members 90 Second Speeches to take the community voice to Canberra. I will use this opportunity to speak up, push forward and raise voices of those who are rarely heard.

Team Despi is growing and is supporting me to be your next elected member. Join Team Despi and be part of the change to raise our voices in Canberra.